Video Intelligence

Get more out of live and recorded video, by extracting actionable information which gives you valuable surveillance analytics.

Video as Data Information
Video Intelligence in the form of video analytics can make video as transparent and searchable as a Word document. Through capabilities that allow video content to be indexed, viewers can jump to the parts of a video that are most relevant to them.

Video as Object Information
Video Intelligence not only helps search video; it is also critical to safety and security. Video analytics can be used to identify and detect objects or behaviors, and quickly find video information related to incidents. The ability to quickly respond to real-time activities and events related to incidents put you in control of your facilities

This technology has a variety of uses, which include:

  • Tracking a moving target.
  • Searching for an object.
  • Counting instances of something, such as the number of customers entering a building.
  • Identifying the geographic location of something or someone.
  • Detecting suspicious activity and triggering alarms and/or alerts.

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